In this season of giving, I give gratitude for knowing you and for all the joy, wisdom and transformation your presence has brought to my life. Hope youre also enjoying your own presence and the Divine Presence within you as you enjoy this time to be present with your loved ones and with yourself over these Holidays.

2016 has been a powerful year of transformation as we evolve together towards Pure Love and Light. This is a crucial time for learning to overcome and rise above our fears and shadows so that Love can triumph.

2017 seems to be invoking a time to stay connected to the Love Light in our hearts and to surround ourselves with people focused on the positive and the good and to share and radiate positive vibrations with those who are in fear. Lets make this year of transforming shadows into light. When we focus on the Light, the shadows disappear.

As my spiritual teacher Amma, who is an embodiment of love and light says, “If we can light the lamp of faith and love in our hearts and walk forward together, then we can definitely dispel the darkness we see around us and bring about a change in society.”

As we find ourselves in this Holiday season once again, lets keep our vision turned toward all things magical positive and radiating love and light, so that they can grow. Energy flows where thought goes. So lets choose our thoughts carefully and do whatever we can to to keep our heart lamps lit with faith in Love as we face the challenges ahead and the darkness of winter (and Trump). Hahaha

We just have to laugh at how ridiculous this all is, but we also have to laugh to release the tension this is causing in all our systems, on every level.

Life is like a pressure cooker and Laughter helps us let off some steam.

Even when we dont feel like laughing, if we just try to loosen up a little and laugh at some of the things we take so seriously, it already starts releasing endorphins and expanding you to help you let go some of the contraction from the stress and changing our perception towards more positive.

Laughing together at life is the best way to share pure presence heart to heart. Lets try to find a way to Laugh from our Hearts with our loved ones as much as possible.
If you dont feel you have anything to laugh at, laugh at anything and everything. Just Laugh to Let go and Choose Happiness.

Charlie Chaplin said “The secret to good comedy is to take your pain and play with it.”    If we look at it this way, we have lots of opportunity for making  comedy out of our lives.

Lao Tzu said, “As soon as you have made a thought, Laugh at it!”    Why? Because our silly thoughts from our monkey mind are what is keeping us from being happy and heartfull in the present.

Laugh to free yourself from annoying and constricting thought patterns. Laugh at the pain of being human and always making mistakes.  Laugh at all your fears- False Evidence Appearing Real. Laugh at how messed up the world is getting, Laugh at how we all are so scared, Laugh at how many mistakes we keep making, Laugh at how seriously we take ourselves, Laugh at how we keep forgetting Love is the most Powerful Force in the Universe. Laughter is the emotion and expression of the Heart, so Laugh to help your heart open to Love and Trust.
Love to Love yourself more. Laugh to Love others more.
Laugh to Love your life more. Laugh to Love your Job more. Laugh to Love.

I look forward to enjoying some more Healthy, Happy and Prosperous times with you in the New Year.

Happy Holidays,
Ambujam Laksmi