Ambujam Lakshmi

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Ambujam Lakshmi

Lakshmi Healing

Combining over 25 years of experience in healing with her personal journey of transformation enabled her to help many people overcome their body/mind limitations, pain and suffering, to experience a greater joy and find their potential for the best possible life.

Most of us did not receive the support we need to grow and evolve into our highest potential. We often choose numbness and ignore the warning signals that our pain sending us to bring about an urgent response and need to change. Many people even succumb to addictive behaviors in order to block out the pain.

Ambujam offers many different pathways of healing to help people get relief from chronic or intense pain and stress. She guides you to listen the signals the pain is sending to bring about great positive transformation in your life.

You can live the life of your dreams! It is what you are alive for!

Lakshmi Healing offers many tools, resources and gifts towards reclaiming your inherent power and inner resources of healing.

Do you have chronic pain or tension? Is there a pattern you are trying to break free of? Are you ready to make a U-Turn for the positive?

Do you have chronic pain or tension? Is there a pattern you are trying to break free of? Are you ready to make a U-Turn for the positive?


Lakshmi Healing

Hands-On Healing

You are invited on a journey deep within the landscape of your body, mind and spirit. Your guide on this journey is your body-any pain is its series of signals for the changes needed for optimal functioning. Healing resonates through your whole being, re-balancing you and bringing you back to center, to your natural state of bliss and supreme aliveness. You can re-enter your life with a renewed sense of energy and purpose to achieve your physical and personal goals with greater efficiency, grace and ease.

Laughter Medicine

Classes and Certified Trainings

Laughter is an alchemical key; it oxygenates our cells, rejuvenates our organs, opens our hearts, massages the tension out of our minds, balances our brain hemispheres and instantly changes our chemistry to happy levels. If practiced regularly, it will keep us supremely healthy! Learn profound but techniques to Make a U-Turn from Stress to Bliss in minutes! Experience for yourself how LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE. Feel the physical, mental and emotionally healing powers of laughter through connecting with your inner joy and vitality.


Lakshmi Prosperity

Seminars & Retreats

Realign your heart and mind with the Divine Mother of all good Fortune, Prosperity and Pure Love. We explore the rich symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi and Her relationship with us through the universal Principles of Internal and External Prosperity. We will identify and transform our limiting beliefs about happiness, prosperity, money, time, energy resources and life experiences. Tuning into Lakshmi’s abundance of positive energy, we will use powerful transformational techniques to shift our perception back to optimism, confidence, receptivity, gratitude, acceptance, generosity as well as spiritual and material prosperity.