Why did the chicken sit in the middle of the road?

Because there was no way she was going to let Trump get the better of her. 🙂

Thats how I feel here in India, trying to stay as centered on Love as possible as fear tries to take over our world.

 (My Laughing Yogi student, Emmeline Gee)

Here’s another Joke I made up that I get alot of mileage out of, excuse the pun… 🙂 LOL~

There are only two questions on the Indian Driver Test

  1. Can you honk your horn?
  2. Do you believe in Reincarnation?

If you can answer Yes to both of these, You are Good TO GO!!!

Recently, the village road between the beach and the ashram was paved, for the first time in all the twelve years I have been living here. Though its more beautiful, it turns out to be a mixed blessing. Now that there are no potholes, the cars, big buses and motorcycles dont have to slow down and rather seem to be enjoying the smooth road as they speed up and come flying around the corners. It seems quite dangerous. The fact that I have been run over by a car before doesnt help this worry from cropping up. Every time I walk across I think, God, we need some speedbumps. What -Why are there none yet?

Yesterday I happened to be crossing at the same time as one Indian yogi/swami who has been here a long time. And I mentioned my concern to him, thinking maybe he could talk to someone who could do something about it. He said, “Dont worry, there are signs on both sides for the drivers.”

I said, “But yea they are speeding so fast by here. What if some elderly person or child is crossing then?”

He really laughed.

Then he said something like, Everything is always in motion. The planets in the cosmos is swirling at such a fast rate, light travels at a speed we cant fathom, the mind travels even faster, and God is even faster than that… And Ambujam is thinking that….”

He didnt finish his sentence cause we were already laughing so much about how silly it was that I didnt trust. Where was my trust?

Then I had to add, ‘Well you know its just because Ive been run over by a car before’. Hmm somehow that didnt seem enough logic against trusting the universal flow. What I didnt tell him was how that had turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in my life, one Im still harvesting the healing rewards from. So knowing all that why was I worrying about what would happen on this road? Only what is meant to happen ever happens. Sometimes what we think is a blessing turns out to be a difficulty and sometimes what we think is our biggest difficulty turns out to be a major blessing.

We cant see the big picture. This is where trust in the Divine comes in. FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

The most important mountain to move is our fear. Fear shuts us down and blocks the flow of Grace. Fear creates hell in our minds whereas Faith opens us up to heaven. Amma says there is no heaven or hell outside of us, it is all inside us.

Almost everyone I know with half a heart and brain, unless they are of the upper crust, white and filthy rich, seems to be in panic of what is in store now that Trump has become president. It seems hell is in store. But Maybe… just maybe this is nightmare is going to help us all wake up to the Divine Presence in our lives. We have been fast asleep, Comfortable in our dreams. This is a call for us to wake up, elevate, motivate, meditate, pray and remember to tap into our superhuman power to connect with the Divine, and activate our will to generate more love and light than ever. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. And it is what is most needed in today’s world.

We can use the power of prayer to call the Divine forth from our hearts.

If we can trust the Divine about the small things, then why cant we trust about the bigger things?

How many times have you prayed for that parking spot and gotten it? How many times have you prayed about other things that you need and want? When you pray for specific things,  you may not be seeing the bigger picture and they may not be in Divine Order, so it might not be in the highest good for them to happen. So its important when you pray, to say May this or something better occur that is in the Highest Good for All. And even more helpful is just to pray for the Peace & Happiness of All.


Often, our biggest problem is not that our prayers are not answered, but that we forget to pray and instead go into worry. Worry causes us to contract and shut down and this breeds more fear in us, where as prayer opens up to the infinite possibilities of Divine Love, Grace and Support.

At the same time, prayer alone is not enough. We also need to make effort. As Amma says, Effort & Grace are two wings of the same bird. You cant have one without the other.

Beyond all the obvious practical efforts, another effort we can make is consciously and continuously practicing Trust in Divine Will, every moment- every time we sense the darkness encroaching or get afraid of what the future holds in store.

Lets not be chicken of whats in store. This is what we were born for!

Lets gather together in our hearts, tune in to the Divine, charge up our heartvibrations and activate our Love Lights now!!!