Unlock your company’s creative potential, activate peak performance and transform stress to success.

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Make a U-Turn for the Positive

Transform Stress to Success by activating the positive potential in your company.

Positive business practices yield positive fruits on many levels.

LAUGHTER IS THE KEY to a positive attitude which is the foundation of success.


Positive Results

A positive, joyuful attitude brings positive, joyful results.


Positive Customer Relations

Authentic connections with your customers through humor and positivity naturally improves your business and profit margin.


Positive Work Environment

Heartful communication, openness and trust with fellow colleagues helps employees do their best with each other, supervisiors, customers and projects, while thinking more creatively in problem-solving and enjoying being at work more.

A positive workplace culture leads to increased productivity, better employee morale and the ability to keep skilled workers.

JUMPSTARTING JOY helps your company create a culture of enthusiasm, creativity, team spirit and positive vibrations that spreads as it gains momentum for you to take giant leaps towards success.

Taking the steps to ensure that a positive culture is present in the workplace will go a long way towards keeping your organization running smoothly and keeping your employees happy.

You might think that trying to cultivate a happy workforce as an elusive, time-consuming waste of important resources, but studies show that the opposite is true.  Creating a positive company culture begins with fostering happy employees.

Happy employees are 85 percent more efficient, experience a 60 percent drop in absenteeism and stay twice as long in their jobs as their less happy colleagues, creating a measurable impact on engagement, retention, safety, wellness, employer brand and even cost control goals, according to the study, The Science of Happiness, conducted by Globoforce.


is a wellness modality designed to help create and sustain positive energies to benefit the body, mind and spirit.

This is a refreshing new approach to complementary medicine that integrates the best of numerous other similar modalities in a cohesive and fluid whole that is easy to implement. It  is also one of the most fun, enjoyable and healing way you’ll find to develop a positive, friendly and trusting attitude, an internal locus of control and resilience.

Stress Management

Laughter feels so good because it changes the chemicals in your brain, replacing stress hormones with happy hormones. Less cortisol means less stress! And less stress means better overall health.

Creativity & Innovation


Laughter stimulates the creative, intuitive part of the brain helping you gain a keen edge of advantage. Learn innovative ways to access the inner creative resources needed to approach workplace challenges with a broader range and depth of solutions. 

Team Building


Laughter is a great communication enhancer. People who laugh together work better together. This is why laughing together and working with humor to come up with solutions is so effective in team building, communication and leadership programs. 

Peak Performance

An environment that keeps people happy, inspired and creative improves communicattion, job satisfaction and peak performance while reducing illness and absenteeism. This boosts productivity and reduces costs.


Sample Presentation Topics

Stress to Success

Presentation focused on stressors in the workplace and the laughter strategies to prevent/alleviate them. The laughter session is especially designed to give a quick cardio workout followed by cooling down and breathing exercises. Participants will feel more relaxed almost instantly.

Health & Wellness

Presentation focused on health and wellness benefits of laughter. Participants experience tapping into this powerful medicine through an interactive Laughter Yoga session. The session consists of gentle laughter-based exercises and deep breathing techniques. We conclude with a relaxing guided visualization, leaving participants feeling joyful and refreshed.

Peak Performance

Presentation focused on transforming stress to success by empowering oneself through joy. While also developing creativity and emotional intelligence, the main focus of this workshop is on learning keys and powerful methods for boosting positive energy output at will for peak performance and ongoing success.

Creativity & Collaboration

This workshop focuses on awakening the creativity in the right brain while opening the heart for teambuilding and harmony in collaboration.  We will do exercises to improve the qualities of creativity, intuitive decision making, empathy and joyfulness to enhance team collaboration. This workshop includes iprovisation games, targeted listening and thinking techniques that inspire creativity and collaboration with teammates. Participants learn ways to creatively approach workplace challenges and expand the range and depth of solutions  with a relaxing guided visualization that will solidify the benefits achieved in the previous exercises, leaving participants feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic to enjoy ongoing creativity and collaboration.

3 Week Wellness Program

Unique and effective programming created by LAUGHTER IS THE KEY combining a unique but potent blend Laughter Healing, meditation, body/mind healing exercises and guided visualizations delivered weekly over a period of 3 weeks to cutlivate joy on the job, boost employee health, improve corporate culture and create lasting positive organizational change. Customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of each organization, in the class we will go deeper each week into accessing joy . Everyone will also have homework towards cultivating more joy and positivity on a daily basis. We will meet again to discuss and improve and work deeper. It takes 21 days to change a habit.

12-Month LAUGHTER CULTURE Initiative

A solution for organizations seeking to implement more Laughter programming in-house on a regular basis.

LAUGHTER IS THE KEY conducts certified training programs for ambassador employees. Upon successful completion of the training, Laughter Yoga program ambassadors are qualified to facilitate ongoing in-house Laughter Yoga sessions. LAUGHTER IS THE KEY monitors and supports the implementation through periodic facilitator booster training sessions and ongoing program evaluation.


Our customized laughter-based programs help your company achieve its full potential.

Participants often get a whole new perspective on their work, resulting in:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Reduced physical and emotional tension
  • Increased profits
  • and much more.

Our Director

As a body/mind healing practitioner and teacher for 25 years, including years as one of the most highly requested Massage Therapists for years at the top spas in Maui, Hawaii, (The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and the Fairmont Kea Lani) Ambujam Lakshmi Keyes specializes in stress-management, relaxation and optimum performance for her clients.

Seeing the common patterns of stress and their effects on the body, mind and life, I sought to create a way for business people to better manage stress while on the job. JUMPSTARTING JOY was born from this desire to help body/brain sustainability in corporate culture.

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