Ambujam Lakshmi

Who Am I?

Healing: My story

Experience is the Greatest Teacher!

Twelve years ago, on a deep quest to discover my True Self, I found my spiritual teacher and after some time asked her for a name.

She gave me the name Ambujam which means Lotus Flower.

You know that saying no mud, no lotus? My childhood was like the dark thick mud that I thought I may not survive, but it helped form me like a lotus to grow stronger and blossom higher straight up towards the Light.

One by one all the difficulties in my life, and there have been many, proved to be blessings and teachers in disguise, until I discovered the Divine/Universe/Great Spirit really loves us and life is nothing but blessings.

I came to realize that I have the strength to withstand any difficulties because I am always loved, supported and guided by a divine presence which is in fact, my true nature. And that I also have an ability to help others get relief from or at least navigate a little easier through their own pain until they learn how to transform it.

Like the archetypal wounded healer, it was through my own pain and need to heal it that I discovered my inner source and gifts. Since I was a child I realized I had an acute sensitivity to perceive and also relieve other people’s pain.

Run Over and Rock Bottom

I had a very troubled childhood which drove me to alcohol and drug addiction  in an attempt to numb the pain. I was very lost in many ways and was looking for my authentic self, free of all conditioning. 

When I was 16, I was crossing the road with some friends, feeling quite invincible at that age, when a car speeded up and swerved towards me. I ran and slipped on the side of the road and two tires ran over my right leg, shattering it to bits. The pain was excruciating and endless. The doctors told me I would probably never walk again. Though I was suffering greatly and on depressing amounts of morphine, my determination to walk again enabled me to draw upon a deep and infinite wellspring of healing within.

If you can feel it, you can heal it… This became my mantra.

Experience Is Our Teacher
This accident which really broke me in so many ways served as one of my greatest learning experiences. I underwent many healing therapies where i got to learn about the pain, healing and recovery process from the inside.

The most significant insight I learned from all of this was that compassion for other’s pain is the greatest gift of all. That by sharing the love and compassion within, one can tap into an unending source that multiplies infinitely. I was able to connect with people and help them through their process. The more I shared, the more I learned.

I soon found myself at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and learned from experts and masters on how to be present in the body and to be present in another’s pain and suffering and practice relieving it.

In 1992, upon graduating, I received the rare Certification of Distinction for demonstrating outstanding skill, knowledge and proficiency in the practice of massage and healing.

After practicing bodywork for years with raving results, I started noticing how everyone was in pain. The endless pain of humanity hit me one day like a ton of bricks and I felt I couldnt handle it anymore. Everyone seemed to be suffering. And the more sensitive I got as a bodyworker, the more I felt it. It got worse and worse until ir reached the point where I couldnt touch anyone anymore without being overwhelmed by their pain.

This experience led me on a vision quest for deeper healing. I was on a quest to learn everything I could so I could heal myself and help others heal as well. The answers I was seeking was not just for myself, it was for everyone. Realizing this, I soon immersed myself on a path toward physical, mental, and emotional transformation that took me on a mystical journey to meet and work with some of the most experienced healers and teachers in the world. That is when I met my spiritual teacher, Amma, who gave me everything I was looking for and more, especially what I was most thirsty for, which was PURE LOVE.

Once I drank deeply of Pure Love and allowed myself to be nourished and healed by it, I felt I could finally face the pain I saw in the world and even offer some relief.

Over the years, I have offered my bodywork and Cranio Sacral services in luxury spas, (including Maui’s Fairmont Kea Lani, The Four Seasons, and The Ritz Carlton Kapalua) and in a thriving private practice that includes professional athletes, celebrities and those in need of a more experienced practitioner.

I have trained in a wide range of relaxation & pain relief modalities and have studied the body/mind connection through a variety of methods including Hakomi Psychotherapy, and Body/Mind Centering. I studied Method Acting and Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University with a focus on Art Therapy and Dance Therapy.

But my greatest training has been through Life itself – first in experiencing its inherent nature of pain & suffering and then its profound powers of healing which rush forth through us when we allow compassion to express itself.

After over 20 years of offering bodywork and healing to people from all over the world, I wanted to share the secret that finding your inner joy and loving yourself can set you on a journey towards healing. I discovered that the miraculous golden key to self-healing and empowerment is cultivating joy and positivity through laughter.

Laughter really is the Best Medicine
Laughter Medicine is a unique mind/body healing system where one can get the many physical and emotional benefits of laughter without having to rely on jokes or external stimuli for humor and happiness. It is a way of empowering ourselves with joy and taking the responsibility to be happy into our own hands.

Drawing on many years experience in the psychosmoatic healing field along with my life-long study of spirituality, I developed a unique method for transformation using Laughter. I created many fun but profound techniques that are richly psychosomatic therapeutic and healing for the body/mind.

Laughter Medicine is dedicated to the exploration and integration of contemplative practice in daily life, empowered with joy and inspired movement, laughter and play.

Blossoming into Pure Love
My life is a journey of constant inner purification and transformation to make space for pure love, compassion and healing to flow through me in service.

Since 2005, I have been living primarily at a spiritual community in South India. In the energetic clarity and divine awareness I experience here, I am indeed a lotus blossoming in the sunlight of awareness towards the freedom of Pure Love. I devote my time to learning how to grow in love, compassion and patience while immersed in practicing service, meditation, spiritual study, devotional practice and Self discovery. All of course, sprinkled with a healthy dose of Laughter Yoga and Hatha Yoga. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing my new book, and developing curriculums for my training workshops and courses that I offer worldwide.

Travel and Connecting
I travel a lot and spend time in New York City conducting workshops and giving personalized sessions. I also host retreats worldwide.

I am always happy to share my services, experiences and ideas with you. Connect with me at: