HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lets Ring in the New Year with Good Cheer!!

I imagine you love New Year Celebrations for the same reasons I do. Because it is a magical time like a portal,  to let go of the past and celebrate the optimistic potential for a cycle of positive transformation? Every time we say Happy New Year to everyone, we decide that both the day and the year and will be Happy. It is a choice we are making to be Happy.

We often get inspired to make resolutions to change our life for the better. But then all too often slowly and gradually, our inspiration fades and the difficult and mundane aspects of life start to consume us again. And the optimism of the celebration gets left behind and forgotten. One way we can really make it a Happy New Year is by celebrating every day. What we appreciates, appreciates.

Over 25 years a healing practitioner, I encountered so many people who were making themselves sick due to their inability to enjoy life and celebrate in a healthy way. This lack of joy becomes like a serious disease which creates many other illnesses. 80 % of all illness is stress-related. Seriousness is a contagious disease and more people these days are on anit-depressants and anxiety medication than people who are not. I realized celebration is actually a lost and forgotten art  in our busy hustle and bustle culture. Do we even really know how to celebrate anymore?

Many people are dependent on drinking and do drugs to loosen up and express their hearts in laughter, joy and celebration. This may bring them a little temporary relief but what about the rest of the world, or the rest of the time?

Often, even when we have big successes, sometimes the most we do is text a friend, “Yay, I got the job!!!! (+smiley face emoticon)” One reason I think we don’t celebrate more is because we keep putting it off for that time, imagining that we will stop with the stress and celebrate when everything is finally going perfectly, the way we want it. Well, chances are – it is never going to be complete until we are dead. So instead of waiting for the perfect occasion, why not celebrate now and make every occasion perfect? The truth is everything is already happening perfectly as it is meant to, so why not relax a little, trust the Universe and celebrate Divine Order, Divine Will and Divine Love?

Life itself is a miracle worth celebrating. One of my students told me the other day that he celebrates with laughter daily the fact that he is still above ground. There is an ancient Buddhist practice for when you wake up in the morning to let out a big belly laugh of gratitude that youre still alive another day.

For 2017, lets keep our enthusiasm in tact and keep our positive energy flowing to uplift our spirits and our lives by making a commitment towards celebration. Find something to celebrate everyday. Keep Celebrating as often as possible. Give gratitude for the small things. Gratitude helps get connected with the infinite joy within surrounding us in creation.

Five ways we can Celebrate more:

  1. CELEBRATE THE SMALL STUFF!!! Write a list of everyone and everything you are grateful for in life.
  2. Do a HAPPY DANCE to a happy song to celebrate all the small gifts and successes in life.
  3. SMILE & GIGGLE often as you go through your day, affirming, “Yes, I celebrate this!!!” (Whatever it is…)
  4. Say “THANK YOU!” and “Oh Wonderful!” to as many people and situations as possible.
  5. GET CREATIVE & INVENT different ways of celebrating being alive and enjoying the gifts of the Present.

Another way to tune back into the celebration is by practicing expressing joy, laughter and gratitude while going about our day to day activities. We may even need to exxagerate these positive expressions at first to put ourselves in a higher gear and change our habit from negative or neutral to positive. Even though bliss is our true nature, we have to practice and cultivate joy because or our conditioning and the collective habit towards worry, stress, criticism and negative thinking rather than towards joy, gratitude, positivity and optimism. Unconditional laughter is a great way to activate this joy, to open the heart and get it flowing into a fountain of celebration and harmony with creation.

Amma says that all of creation is always in celebration, except for humans. Just because of our ego and illusory feelings of separation, we cut ourselves off from this celebration of creation and let our minds and thoughts make us miserable. How silly we are!

“Look at the beauty and perfection of Nature. Everything in Nature is so joyful. All of creation is rejoicing. A flower has such a short life span, and yet it offers itself wholeheartedly to others; it even offers its own nectar to the bees-and yet it is happy. The stars are twinkling in the sky, the rivers are flowing blissfully, the branches of the trees are dancing in the wind, and the birds are bursting into song. You should ask yourself, ‘Why, then, do I feel so miserable living in the midst of all this joyful celebration?’  Ask the question, ‘why,’ repeatedly, and you will find the answer. The answer is that the flowers, stars, rivers, trees and birds do not have an ego; and, being egoless, nothing can hurt them. When you are egoless, you can only rejoice. Even occasions that would normally be painful are transformed into moments of joy. – Amma, from Awaken Children 8 (pg 78-79)

Today at our Laughter Medicine session on the beach, to practice freeing ourselves from the grip of our serious minds, we laughed to open back up to the joyful celebration of creation. Laughing as nature, we laughed with various sounds the ocean waves were making, we laughed as the drops of moisture from the ocean rising up into the atmosphere, then as the clouds getting big, heavy and full with rain, we laughed as the happy sun shining light on all, we laughed and danced as the rain nourishing all life, we laughed as magical rainbows, as thirsty trees drinking the rain, as our favorite animals in nature, and as the Mother Earth happy for all her children being nourished by the rain.

As silly as we may have looked, we became so happy just imagining and playing with allowing the Joy of Creation to express itself through us. Then we each shared what we most celebrate today and toasted each other with lots of laughter and good cheer!

What do you celebrate? How do you celebrate?

How would you like to celebrate and thereby invite more good times?

What are some fun ways you can envision celebrating more daily?

How would your inner child like to celebrate? The child within is never short of creative, playful ideas. Trust them.

I would love to hear about your process with Rediscovering CELEBRATION in your life!


Please share in the comments below…