Lakshmi Healing


“Laksmi has the gift of heart in her healing hands. She is intuitive, kind and present. I highly recommend her. Aloha.”

Jackie Kapua Tyler

Somatic Psychotherapist,

Mana Lomi Instructor

Maui, Hawaii

“Laksmi is a magical body worker and healer. Along with a joy and singularity of purpose, she also has a deep spiritual essence that shines through all she does and can transmit health at a core level.  ”

Judith Orloff

Radical Love Foundation

Boulder, Colorado

“Laksmi is a profoundly intuitive healer. Not only does she heal one’s body, but one’s spirit as well. She gives the healing power of love.”

Carrie Dinow


Los Angeles, California

I have worked with Laksmi on many occasions over many years and would give her the highest recommendation possible. She has an amazing healing touch and is also a delightful human being full of compassion and love. I haven’t seen her walk on water but often wonder if she does!!!! I am a distance runner, mountain biker, skier…with frequent need for deep relief and Lakshmi always gets right to the problem area and resolves it. She is an expert at what she does.

Lorri Fulkerson, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon, Boulder Orthopedics

Laksmi has a gift. She radiates peace, compassion and beauty. When I first laid on her table, I was agitated and stressed. Her healing hands, gentle voice and beautiful insights create a calmness inside. I sleep peacefully following her sessionsand all my stresses are simply put into perspective. She’s a tremendously special and gifted earth angel.

Jen Kluczkowski


I am way beyond due to write you a glowing, recommendation for your extraordinary talent, deeply vibrational yet quiet healing frequency on this person’s completely exploded physical body, especially a partially amputated foot, due to a tragic 2008 fiery helicopter crash. You embraced my being with an energetic cleansing of agape healing love, creating an opening for release of the toxic cloud of distress and trauma trapped in my body due to the incredible blunt force of falling 300 ft from the sky into an exploding fiery ball of flames and wrenched, burning metal, human bodies and broken lives. After creating this portal of release for the trapped, energetic emotions held within my body and its severely disfigured and disabled parts, Laksmi spent hours, sending and infusing intense positive Loving, healing energy to my shattered foot. Following the healing session with Laksmi, the pain and inflammation in my body was dramatically reduced.
After not knowing whether I would ever walk again, see well again and find comfort in my emotional body plane , I have been blessed with a miraculous, extraordinary recovery. Laksmi was definitely a measure able healing tool in the foundational approaches to my beloved recovery and enlightened life.

Laura Sharpe


Lakshmi has the innate ability to tune in to people and release negative energy, blockage and anything else that might be ailing you and release it. I have had the great pleasure of having her unique massage therapy on two different continents at times when I have been incredibly stressed and broken from being overworked and fatigued and each time have come out of her healing sessions feeling renewed and whole again. The effects of her therapy last for not just days, but weeks and she is the consummate professional with endless stamina.

Sarba Das

Development Executive, Reality and Syndication, SONY PICTURES

I joined the Fairmont Kea Lani (Maui) team in my first GM spa position. Laksmi was a therapist on the team and had one of the highest guest satisfaction feedback rates of the whole team. I watched her continue to add new modalities of massage, mindfulness and personal development to her craft. Her therapeutic body/mind gifts are too numerous to list here but I can share that I would refer anyone in my circle to work with Laksmi for improved health and well-being! I fully support and recommend Laksmi and believe she would be an asset in any endeavor.

Laura Krohn, MPH

Senior Business Development and Operations Executive, SONY PICTURES

Lakshmi’s innate intuitive healing skills are delicious. From releasing and an old head injury that I never dealt with, ( she immediately began a series of Cranial-Sacral) to work with all my issues before , during and after my back surgery….Now I am pain free and stronger than ever.   Around my house and my group of friends… doesn’t get a massage by Laksmi, you get Laksmi’d …..
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary healer, and all around wonderful woman.

Franca Rothman

Owner & CEO, IPD Consultants

Laksmi is the BEST massage therapist and healer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has an amazing gift of being able to sense where her energies are most needed in a person’s body and then delivers true relief and rejuvenation. She has a most wonderful heart and soul as well so she is indeed a delight to work with.

Jan Jackson

Fundraiser, NonProfits

Laksmi has an incredible gift and passion for healing. She introduced me to Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing. I had been skeptical of Reiki’s validity, but after a session with her, the results were obvious. She has further helped me with energy healing and I’ve seen years of blocked energy in my body transform completely in one session. If you are lucky enough to be in the part of the world where she is offering sessions, its one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Nicole Rogers

Owner, Kenney Studios LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Laksmi a number of times every time she comes to New York and have also hired to come bring healing and joy to our team at Core Power Yoga. She is warm and engaging and does great, great work. I highly recommend her.

Amy Schecter


After just one session with Laksmi, I felt more balanced in my body and in my overall energy.

Her bodywork is deep, accurate and fluid; Her energy work is subtle and profound.

Jennifer Dozier

Reflexologist, Aromatherapist

Laksmi does amazing work. I felt like a million bucks when she was finished with me. I highly recommend her work.

Marci Stark


An experience with Laksmi has become something that is essential to my mental and physical well being. Not only do I feel the relaxation and release during my session with her but for days and weeks afterwards, my mind is clear and I’m able to show up in my life in a more positive way. I highly, highly recommend her services.

Ali Van Putten

Creative Brand Strategist , Twitter

I highly recommend Ambujam’s skilled treatments. She helped me immensely and was largely responsible for bringing me relief from the pain of my neuropathy and reliance on a cane, which I have not needed since.

She conducts herself very professionally and you can feel free to recommend her services to your friends and colleagues and patients without hesitation. I have no doubt that anyone would benefit immensely from Ambujam’s healing skills

R Gottsegen

President, CEO, AtmaBhava

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