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“Ambujam Lakshmi provided a Laughter Medicine session for our executive management group at Core Power Yoga, which created a stronger connection for the team and improved communication. I highly recommend bringing this unique experience she offers to your company.”

Amy Schecter, CEO

Core Power Yoga

Glam Squad


“We all at People’s Revolution love Ambujam Lakshmi’s Laughter Medicine Sessions  because it blows our minds and hearts wide open- to a supercharged eexperience of connectivity, creativity and harmony amongst the team.

Kelly Kutrone

People’s Revolution

When Lakshmi came to our office to offer us Laughter Medicine, it not only completely changed my point of view about work but tremendously helped my coworkers and I release tension and stress. We work in a fast-paced environment where anxiety levels can rise swiftly and it’s sometimes hard to focus, breathe and re-center. Using Lakshmi’s techniques even after the class helped us loosen up to create a less tense atmosphere which we know is essential to staying successful.

Liz Klausner

Innovative Artists Talent & Literary Agency


A few autumns back, I was visiting India and had been having serious problems with my voice and breathing for over a year. A sense of panic came from the stress of a concert I was performing that night. “Somehow” I was led to Ambujam Laksmi, who so lovingly guided me to laugh spontaneously and helped me to release my inner pain and my voice. We were standing and laughing on the roof. I had tears in my eyes and I learned to laugh without any particular reason. Later that year I was visiting Amritapuri once again and it turned out that the main theme was “Joy”. I had two dear friends with me on that journey, and we laughed so much all the time that I don’t even remember laughing that much ever before. I felt free to laugh and express joy. Now when I look back all this, it seems to me, that all this happened, so that I could face this inner work during these past months with the smile on my face and joy and gratitude in my heart. It hasn’t been easy, but every now and then I was reminded about the miraculous power of Laughter. So Thank You Ambujam Laksmi for sharing these transformational tools!

Kirsi Ranto


Ambujam Laksmi Keyes is really on top of her game and there is nobody that she wouldn’t help. She believes in giving her best to her clients and also applying the same mind-set to every project that is handed to her. Laksmi works equally well with senior leadership, peers and team members — and she is able to effectively communicate and motivate others on all levels. The “Laughter Yoga” certification training I got from Laksmi was an inspiration to everyone. With this new knowledge, I feel really well equipped to convey these powerful skills to my Executive Coaching clients. Laksmi’s inspiring tools can indeed help any team or organization create a successful vision of high performance and personal fulfillment. I was indeed inspired by her ability to design creative and out-of-box solutions for a corporate environment.

Ben Ghalmi


I am forever grateful to Ambujam! I met her while going through my RESET! She was a source of light when my world was very dark! She allowed me to open up and let the sunshine in! She gave me a series of hands-on and coaching sessions. She taught me how healing self love and laughter are! She is a healer but has become a dear friend and sister! Anyone blessed enough to know her, speak to her and work with her will be Forever changed! Not only will she leave an ever lasting stamp on your heart she will teach you the tools to live a more happy and abundant life! Please join my dear friend Ambujam Lakshmi as she provides healing touch, wisdom and laughter! She is an amazing soul and I love her very much! Laughter truly makes us lighter and heals us! Thank you so much Ambujam for all you have done for me, my personal life and my career. God Bless You!

Jacqui Phillips

Author, TV/Radio Host, Celebrity Make-up Artist

The Laughter yoga workshop I took with Laksmi was such a joy. I thought it would feel awkward and forced, but Laksmi was an expert at putting us all of us at ease and helping us all have so much FUN! We got in touch with our childhood playfulness that has been all too hidden for years. It was one of the best things I did in NYC.

Nicole Rogers

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Studio Kenney

Ambujam Lakshmi is a phenomenal laughter yoga teacher and trainer! Most people don’t quite get the healing power of laughter yoga– what it is exactly, what happens and how they might apply it to their lives. During a very difficult time, with serious illness in our family, and living on one income, the tools that Laksmi taught us during both our classes and training have been incredibly therapeutic and have helped to increase the amount of laughter and joy in our family life. Thanks Ambujam Lakshmi!

Karla Lightfoot

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Two things which I am truly grateful for during recent months: discovering laughter yoga and for ‘stumbling across’ Ambujam Laksmi Keyes, both of which I needed, and both of which have genuinely enhanced my life. After experiencing a mind-pummeling few months following my partner’s life-changing medical diagnosis, we were both in need of something to heal our aching minds and hearts. She found meditation, but I just couldn’t connect with it in the same way. Different practices speak to different people, that is to say, there is something out there for everyone. And when they find it, their whole mind set, their whole approach to challenges and their whole way of being is transformed in a powerful way. But one can only access such an experience if two things are in place: the opportunity needs to present itself for a person to make such a discovery and, secondly, it needs to be presented in the right way to energise, enrich and enthuse the receiver. Well, if you’re reading this website, the first of these two prerequisites is already in place for you. And you know what? So is the second. Ambujam Laksmi inspired a phenomenal change in me through her own unique manner of presenting, leading and informing us during her Art of Joy laughter yoga workshops and training programme.

I have been to other laughter yoga groups and I can’t pinpoint exactly how she is so much more inspiring and therapeutic than the other leaders who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but she’s clearly got a gift. I felt compelled to do the Certified Leader’s course as I knew I wanted to climb further inside this experience. Since doing this training, I have been able to call on joy to use spontaneously during difficult moments, I’ve had the confidence to make complete strangers laugh, which I always find uplifting myself, and even my partner is experiencing more joy as a result of my training. There is no looking back for me, in any sense of the phrase. Thank you Ambujam Laksmi. I hope that many others are lucky enough to benefit from your special brand of enlightenment.

Beth Edwards

Teacher, Edge Hill Universtity

“I had never done laughter yoga before and was curious and a little apprehensive about what it would involve. I needn’t have worried – as soon as Ambujam was leading us through the exercises I quickly understood how enjoyable and fun laughter yoga can be.  It felt so liberating to be in a safe space where I could laugh in so many different ways. After the classes, I felt the cheerfulness bubbling through me and radiating out to those around me. It certainly is a fun practice, and it also has a huge potential to powerfully transform stuck emotions and behavioral patterns. This is where Ambujam’s sensitivity, insight and experience really shine through; she seamlessly and inclusively guides participants from the very silly to the very profound.

Since doing my Laughter Yoga Leader training with Ambujam in 2014, I have started a laughter club in my home town and have began to offer workshops. I love being able to share the spirit of joy with others, and to see how laughter yoga inspires and ignites people.”

Emmeline Gee

Massage & Beauty Therapist, Angels on Board

Practicing Laughter Medicine daily with Ambujam in South India gave me tremendous inspiration to live life in a brighter way. After just half an hour of laughing Yoga in the mornings happiness ,laughter and lightness were shining into my days . I learned to laugh without reason and how much fun this is, bringing positive nourishment deep into body and mind. Spontaneity,creativity and compassion came forth gradually and childlike laughter made me enter into a kind of divine flow .
I have also noticed that laughing every morning (and more and more throughout the day ) loosenes and awakens all the inner places that find it difficult to laugh. They present themselves as if they , too , would like to receive some sweet ,gentle laughter medicine so they may gradually heal …….
During the training we covered lots of information in a playful way and laughed until spontaneous laughter seemed so natural to me , like my true nature . Laughing through the two rows of participants towards the sea (at the end of the training) has etched itself into my memory as a glorious moment , touching the light of God ….visible in the sun’s reflection on the water . I sincerely thank Ambujam for her joyful and inspiring presence , her way of living the laughter in a humble , relaxed and natural way .

Veena Fox

Dance Teacher, Iyengar Yoga Instructor, 30 years

Ha ha ha… I have been laughing all my life but it’s only in 2014 that I learned how to laugh from my heart for no reason. The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader course I did with Ambujam Lakshmi changed so many aspects of my life. It helped me take the opportunity of sharing happiness, positivity and health to the next level. Since then, I have visited many schools offering Laughter Yoga to the students as well as the teachers. I also traveled through various continents teaching Hatha yoga combined with Laughter Yoga.
The seriousness of life fades away when one practices using the medicine of laughter. The heart opens, the connection with all of life and the positive energies of the universe become so strong that living this amazing life just keeps getting better and better.

Life is good but laughing through it makes it great!

Aum Keita

School Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Musician, Producer

“Laughing for healing is a rewarding technique that makes me feel better every day and no one teaches it better than Lakshmi through her Laughter Medicine classes. Since taking her delightfully fun classes, my life is less stress-filled and more joyful. Laughing really works! ”

Nancy Moshe

Writer, Philanthropist

Laughter Medicine is the BEST Medicine!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Lakshmi for the first time a few years ago. She came to my office to teach a class in Laughter Medicine and it was something that really changed my point of view as well as help my coworkers and I release tension and stress. We work in a fast-paced environment where anxiety levels can rise swiftly and it’s sometimes hard to focus, breathe and re-center. Using Lakshmi’s class to conjure up giggles really helps us to loosen up and promotes a less tense atmosphere which is essential to staying successful, in my opinion. Also, I’ve used laughter while home sick with the flu or a stomach virus to help battle how I’m feeling. It really does effect your immune system and I find I can recover much quicker. Overall, I’d say this was a life-changing experience and one I’d never forget or let go of… I definitely suggest it for the workplace as well!

Liz Klausner

Commercial Agent, Innovative Artists

Ambujam Lakshmi’s wit and humor make it easy to understand why Laughter Medicine is so effective. In 2013, I had the good grace to take her Laughter Yoga Leader Certification training and it changed my life. Immediately, Life was brighter and I felt lighter. It helped to create a profound shift in perception for me, freeing up more space in my heart for play and creativity in my mind. I regularly apply what I’ve learned from Lakshmi to how I interact with my clients and when facilitating healing sessions. Clients experience the benefits of laughing more and it’s a lot of fun. Laughter Medicine is something everyone should experience!

Tapasya Katarina Stanisavljevic


Ambujam’s Laughter Yoga class in India was the most memorable and enlightening Yoga class I have ever taken.

1. I was reminded how laughter is contagious,
2 I learned that laughter (just like happiness) is a choice.
3. We don’t just laugh when something is funny; something can be funny because we laugh.
4. Ha Ha Ha !!!!

These are priceless lessons I pass along to as many people as I can. I don’t hang up a phone call with my father until we both share a good laugh together. He credits his improving health to our laughter yoga sessions. Laughter is definitely medicine for the body and the soul.

Ambujam is a gem. Spend time with her and you are sure to feel better, smile wider and laugh more than you ever thought possible !


Michael Romano

Educator, Innovative Artists

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