Healing Treatments

Let your pain and worries wash away as you relax into the wellspring of bright rejuvenation within the temple of your body. Skillful, sensitive nurturing hands sense the pain and tension patterns in your body and respond with precise pressure, relaxing rhythms and focused intention to unlock the tension patterns, relieve pain and clear the energy blockages to your pathways  of peace.

Laughter Medicine

Laughter is an alchemical key; it oxygenates our cells, rejuvenates our organs, opens our hearts, massages the tension out of our minds, balances our brain hemispheres and releases so many endorphins that it instantly changes our chemistry to happy levels. If practiced regularly, it will keep us supremely healthy! 



Ready to make a U-Turn for the Positive? Get the keys to choose happiness at will and harness positive energy to make your dreams come true. Move forward in life with joy and optimistic enthusiasm. I offer a variety of transformational Workshops, Seminars and Retreats worldwide. I also offer webinars an online classes.  

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Dedicated to your Healing Journey and Transformation as you Blossom into your full potential.

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